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alternative medicine supplimentsAlternative Medicine has been growing in popularity over the last few decades. With the general public losing faith in the ‘traditional’ allopathic approach to treatment, many are turning to alternative means for a more holistic approach to healthcare.

The return to more natural forms of treatment goes to show the collective shift in consciousness towards health and well-being. People, by and large, are taking their health more seriously as they are beginning to adopt a more health-based lifestyle.

The cause of this phenomenon is not entirely clear and may be a result of numerous factors. Firstly, with the age of the internet brings information to the fingertips of the masses and with this comes a more informed public of health issues and concerns that may otherwise be treated as unimportant.

For years now, people have been criticising the health care system, complaining that they do not receive the level of care they expect. Although in the west we certainly are fortunate to have the state health care system, many are becoming dissatisfied with the treatment they are receiving.

Popular Therapies Emerging

There are many therapies in the alternative spectrum. However, a handful, in particular, have been especially gaining momentum and popularity over the last few decades and even a degree of acceptance from allopathic doctors.

Treatments such as osteopathy, chiropractic and acupuncture are among those who have gained considerable acclaim in recent years. Acupuncture, in particular, has been heavy scrutinised since its arrival in the west, but with more current and update methods of scientific testing accompanied by the widespread reports of positive improvement following the treatments, acupuncture is now becoming more accepted and is even being trialled on the national health service.

However, there are other forms of alternative medicine that, although have been around for a good while, are still under heavy scepticism, mainly due to a lack of scientific evidence to back up the treatments.

Thousands of people report the wonderous benefits they have received from homoeopathic treatment year after year. However, there is still very little evidence to support the effectiveness of the treatment and it is often brushed aside as nothing more than placebo by western physicians.

Reiki is another treatment that holds little weight with allopaths. However, many people report significant improvements in their general well-being from having the treatment.

Perhaps in time, as science continues to evolve, we may see new evidence emerging in support of these treatments.